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Dragon’s Domain Records presents MEDAL OF HONOR – ORIGINAL SCORE FROM THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES, featuring music composed by Richard Stone (HISTERIA, ANIMANIACS, SUNDOWN, PUMPKINHEAD) and Mark Watters (TINY TOON ADVENTURES, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN 2, 101 DALMATIONS: THE SERIES) for the PBS series MEDAL OF HONOR: TRUE STORIES OF AMERICA’S GREATEST WAR HEROES originally broadcast from 1990 to 1991 and featuring actor Cliff Robertson’s narration. 

MEDAL OF HONOR: TRUE STORIES OF AMERICA’S GREATEST WAR HEROES was a documentary series which told the heroic true stories of America’s greatest war heroes during World War II. Featuring actual wartime footage, the series captured the spirit, courage and personalities of some of those who have been awarded the United States highest military award. This music is dedicated to these men and their families.

Six-time Emmy award-winning composer and cellist Richard Stone received his degree in music from Indiana University in Bloomington in 1980. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to California to work as a music editor for several prestigious composers including Georges Delerue and Maurice Jarre. His earliest feature film composing credits include SUMMER HEAT (1987), NORTH SHORE (1987) and PUMPKINHEAD (1988), scored for renowned make-up wizard and first-time director Stan Winston. It was Stone's work on these early feature films that garnered the attention of producers who promptly plugged him in to the role which would eventually define his celebrated career.

Stone was instrumental in fostering the fervent revival of Warner Bros. animation throughout the 1990s. Resembling a technique and style comparable to celebrated Looney Tunes composer Carl Stalling, Stone single-handedly resurrected Stalling's signature mickeymousing techniques thrusting them back into the spotlight. Stone's skillful music graced a host of popular cartoons including TINY TOON ADVENTURES, TAZ-MANIA, FREAKAZOID!, PINKY AND THE BRAIN and ANIMANIACS. Sadly, Stone passed away on March 9th, 2001 at the age of 47.

Mark Watters is a six-time Emmy Award-winning composer and conductor whose diverse career spans 400 television episodes, feature films, DVDs and video games. He has served several terms as Music Governor on the Television Academy’s Board of Governors. Mark holds the distinction of serving as music director for two Olympics: the 1996 Centennial Games in Atlanta, and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

His numerous appearances as guest conductor have included those with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the London Symphony, the Detroit Symphony and numerous others. In 2002, Mark was asked by John Williams to co-conduct the Academy Awards. He conducted three tours of “Star Wars In Concert,” including Japan with the Tokyo Philharmonic.

In 2017, Mark took a full-time position at the famed, Eastman School of Music as head of their newly formed, Contemporary Media and Film Scoring graduate program. He also is the director of the Beal Institute for Film Music and Contemporary Media named after Eastman alum and Emmy Award-winning composer, Jeff Beal.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents MEDAL OF HONOR – ORIGINAL SCORE FROM THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES, featuring music composed by Richard Stone and Mark Watters. Previously released on compact disc in 1990 and very scarce now, Dragon’s Domain Records brings MEDAL OF HONOR – ORIGINAL SCORE FROM THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES back to the marketplace, newly mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. MEDAL OF HONOR – ORIGINAL SCORE FROM THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES is a limited edition of 500 units. The first 50 copies will be autographed by composer Mark Watters.       

1. Main Title*** (2:24)
2. Clouds Over Belgium** (3:28)
3. Casablanca to Sicily* (2:32)
4. The Ceremony* (2:31)
5. Armored Attack** (5:43)
6. Hometown Reverie* (2:32)
7. Manhattan, Kansas** (2:51)
8. Okinawa, As The Mist Clears*** (5:14)
9. Assault at Sea* (2:27)
10. Arkansas Hero** (3:29)
11. Submarine Attack** (2:56)
12. Footballs and Grenades* (4:47)
13. Dawn Patrol*** (3:50)
14. Matinee Newsreel** (2:05)
15. The Girl Back Home** (2:49)
16. Normandy* (2:48)
17. Aftermath* (3:15)|
18. General Charles De Gaulle** (2:40)
19. End Titles*** (3:14)
Total Time: 58:50
* - Music by Richard Stone, Published
by Charlie Mopic Music, administered
by Peermusic, Ltd. (BMI) and by
Sumstone Music (BMI)
** - Music by Mark Watters,
Published by Watter Friends For
Music, administered by PSO Ltd.
(ASCAP) and by Calligraphy Editions
*** - Music by Richard Stone and
Mark Watters, Published by
Charlie Mopic Music, administered by
Peermusic, Ltd. (BMI), Sumstone
Music (BMI), Watter Friends For
Music, administered by PSO Ltd.
(ASCAP) and Calligraphy Editions