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BSX Records presents a Disc-On-Demand version of our compilation album, MUSIC FOR SUPER HEROINES. This package includes music from film and television projects including BATGIRL, WONDER WOMAN, XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS, THE BIONIC WOMAN, VAMPIRELLA, BLACK SCORPION, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, RED SONJA, WITCHBLADE and more.

MUSIC FOR SUPER HEROINES features new recordings of exciting music composed by Sean Callery, Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, Laurie Johnson, Billy May, Ennio Morricone, Joseph LoDuca, Christophe Beck and Nerf Herder plus original recordings composed by Joe Harnell, Joel Goldsmith and Kevin Kiner.

BSX is proud to offer this title as a disc-on-demand (CDR) release.

1.) Main Title (From  "La Femme Nikita”) (feat. John Beal) 4:32
2.) Wonder Woman Theme (From"Wonder Woman”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble, Katie Campbell) 1:39
3.) Main Theme (From The TV Series “The Avengers”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble) 0:46
4.) Jaime’s Theme (From The TV Series “The Bionic Woman") (feat. Joe Harnell) 6:38
5.) Batgirl Theme (From The TV Series “Batman”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble) 2:22
6.) End Credits (From “Vampirella”) (feat. Joel Goldsmith) 3:57
7.) Main Title (From “Red Sonja”) (feat. Chuck Cirino) 2:57
8.) Xena Main Title (From The TV Series “Xena: Warrior Princess”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble) 1:15
9.) Main Title (From "Black Scorpion”) (feat. Kevin Kiner) 2:04
10.) A Violent Prayer (From The TV Series “Witchblade”) (feat. Joel Goldsmith) 2:42
11.) Buffy’s Sacrifice (From “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble) 2:54
12.) Main Title (From “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) (feat. Brandon K. Verrett ) 0:58