MUTANT: Original Soundtrack by Richard Band - 35th Anniversary Edition

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the release of MUTANT: 35th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, to be distributed through MUTANT: 35TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION features music composed by Richard Band for the 1984 science fiction/horror film directed by John ‘Bud’ Cardos, written by John C. Kruize, Michael Jones and Peter Z. Orton, starring Wings Hauser, Bo Hopkins, Jody Medford, Lee Montgomery, Marc Clement, Jennifer Warren and Cary Guffey.          

Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring the soundtrack to MUTANT in this 35th Anniversary Edition back to the marketplace with music newly mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, including liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer and others related to the production.

MUTANT: 35th ANNIVERSARY EDITION is a limited edition release of 500 units. The first 50 copies ordered trough the website will be autographed by the composer at no extra charge. 

1. Mutant Main Title (2:40)
2. The Cannister Contents (2:05)
3. Mike’s Death (1:22)
4. Will Goes Out on a Limb (1:04)
5. Inside The Mitchell House (1:55)
6. The Missing Blood (Missing Blood / Holly to the Rescue) (1:22)
7. At the Clinic /Mutant Attack (2:56)
8. Josh and Holly Escape (3:11)
9. Josh Walks Through Town (aka Walking Montage) (1:10)
10. Search for New Era (3:12)
11. School Boiler Room (No More Booze/Billy Gets It) (2:01)
12. Josh and Holly (2:20)
13. Car Attack (3:39)
14. Inside the Storage Room (0:53)
15. Mutant Onslaught & Finale (2:31)
16. Mutant End Title (2:20)
17. Sinister Shadows (0:25)
18. Missing Blood (0:47)
19. Will’s Past (0:22)
20. Vic’s Transformation (1:09)
21. Jack Attacks Holly (2:41)
22. Josh Finds Mike (0:54)
23. Penelope (1:13)
24. Run For Cover (1:45)
25. Well, Well, Well (0:26)
26. Albert Attacks Holly (0:46)

Total Time: 46:15

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