TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN - Original Soundtrack by William T. Stromberg

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack release of TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, featuring music composed by William T. Stromberg for the 2018 horror comedy written and directed by Donald F. Glut, starring John Blyth Barrymore, Buddy Daniels Friedman, Jim Tavaré, Tatiana DeKhtyar, Len Wein, Jamisin Matthews, Justin Hoffmeister, Jerry Lacy, Beverly Washburn, Ann Robinson, Mel Novak, Scott Fresina, Jena Sims, Lilian Lev and T.J. Storm as Mogambo.

Released in 2018, TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN was an anthology movie along the lines of Amicus’ DR. TERROR’S HOUR OF HORRORS or George A. Romero’s CREEPSHOW, the movie presents four stories written by author and filmmaker Donald F. Glut and based on Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein creature. Each tale is set in a different era and location, and many of the character names are taken from classic Universal or Hammer monster movies or actors. TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN was an Indiegogo-funded low-budget classic with humorously horrifying storylines about maniacal mad scientists related to or following in the footsteps of the infamous Victor Frankenstein in stitching together new life out of carefully-acquired body parts. Glut’s movie features multiple menacing monsters, a bounty of beautiful women, and is brought to life through the music of a master of classic horror music, William T. Stromberg.

With TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN’s budget limitations, Stromberg could not record the score with an orchestra, but instead used modern digital samples to create his instrumental palette, save for the electric guitar his nephew played in the final episode. With his experience as an orchestrator and an orchestral conductor, he had an advantage when composing with digital orchestral samples because he understands how a real orchestra works.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, featuring music composed by William T. Stromberg. The booklet features notes by Randall Larson and includes the participation of composer William Stromberg. Dragon’s Domain Records brings TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN to compact disc for the first time, mastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN is a limited edition of 500 units.

1. Tales of Frankenstein Trailer (2:03)
2. Tales of Frankenstein Introduction (2:17)
3. Bavaria 1887 (2:46)
4. To The Morgue (1:36)
5. Gregor’s Empathy (2:59)
6. My Adonis / The Fire (2:00)
7. My Creation (5:09)
8. Irma, Don’t You Know Me? (2:35)
9. My Beloved (1:42)
10. Switzerland 1910 / Frau Frankenstein and the Ring (2:20)
11. The Tales of Helmut Frankenstein (4:46)
12. Meet the Crawler (2:30)
13. Death of Johann and the Graveyard (2:58)
14. Reclamation (2:48)
15. Los Angeles 1948 (1:44)
16. Meet Mogambo (1:47)
17. Victor’s Portrait / Meet Dr. Mortality (2:08)
18. Three China Dolls (3:30)
19. Trapped Dick (3:58)
20. Meet Gargantus and Pleasant Dreams (4:03)
21. The Ultimate Mistake (2:22)
22. Transylvania 1957 (1:31)
23. Meet Dr. Karnstein (2:48)
24. Tomb Robbers / Broken Lock (4:28)
25. Tavern Council (2:58) - (Digital Bonus Track only. Not available on the CD)
26. Carl’s Brain (1:48)
27. Villagers Unite / Karnstein’s Creation (4:07)
28. Replenish / Tales of Frankenstein Epilogue (3:44)
Total Time: 77:41