ZOMBIE NIGHT - Original Soundtrack by Alan Howarth

Dragon's Domain Records


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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the soundtrack to ZOMBIE NIGHT, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth for the 2013 horror film directed by John Gulager, based on a story by Richard Schenkman (writer/director of The Asylum’s ABRAHAM LINCOLN VS ZOMBIES) and scripted by Keith Allan (Danny Trejo’s RISE OF THE ZOMBIES for the Asylum, Z NATION) and Delondra Mesa, starring Anthony Michael Hall (THE DEAD ZONE, SIXTEEN CANDLES, THE BREAKFAST CLUB), Daryl Hannah (SPLASH, BLADE RUNNER), Alan Ruck (FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, STAR TREK: GENERATIONS), Rachel G. Fox (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) and Shirley Jones (THE MUSIC MAN, ELMER GANTRY, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY).

Dragon’s Domain Digital presents ZOMBIE NIGHT, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth. The digital booklet contains liner notes written by noted author Randall Larson, including insights by composer Alan Howarth on the creation of the score. 

01 Zombie Night Opening 2:25
02 Graveyard Awakening 5:40
03 Night Madness / Bad Happenings 3:59
04 Zombie Invasion / Sitter Freak-Out 4:18
05 Headshot 4:07
06 Terminally Geriatric 3:44
07 The Dead Must Die 4:31
08 Don’t Let Them In 4:18
09 Cellar Rush 3:39
10 Plan B 3:01
11 Zombies Everywhere 4:34
12 Breakthrough 4:30
13 Under the Streets 3:38
14 Zombie Roads 5:11
15 Mausoleum 5:36
16 Zombie Dawn 3:16
17 Zombie Night End Title 3:26
Total Time: 70:36

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