4 New Releases coming from Dragon's Domain (10/21/2020)

This week we will be dropping four new CD releases.

The first will be a new Composer Collection—this time it’s a composer who is new to the DRAGON’S DOMAIN catalogue. The album is a 2-CD set featuring scores that were released in the 1980’s on LP, but never on CD.

One is flat-out adventure film score and the other is a noirish detective thriller. Neither film takes place in the USA (though the composer is a Hollywood veteran).

Here are samples of both scores:

Sample #1

Sample #2

The next is release is from the early 1990’s, a rather fun little family comedy with a charming score by the composer that hasn’t been released in any form ever, We’ll have autographed booklets available on this one.

Here is a sample

The third release is a reissue of a classic 1980’s horror score remixed and rebuilt from the ground up with the help of the composer. In our opinion sounds better then ever before. Sorry - no samples on this one because you’d guess it in a second.
Autographed booklets will be available on this one also.

The last is a fantasy-comedy from the mid-1990’s that is pretty obscure, from a favorite composer of ours. The music is just loads of fun and deserves to be heard at long last and.  Autographed booklets will be available on this one.

Here is sample

Hope you enjoy them all!


The Staff of BSX

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